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Enter Headshots_3 MARCH 2024_Copyright 2

Alan Wilson

Founder/ Trustee

As a Founder of Enter, I hold the belief that natural healing modalities combined with community are the sustainable solution to Scotland’s mental health crisis.


I lost my brother, Robbie, to the relentless grip of drugs and mental health struggles. His passing was a catalyst that propelled me onto my own wellness journey, one that not only sought personal healing but also ignited a passionate commitment to effecting positive change in the lives of others.


I’ve spent 16+ years as a senior HR professional before training to become a Coach working in the wellness space, supporting people through their own personal transformations. Through this work, I have come to witness first hand, the untapped power of natural healing methods such as breathwork, meditation and many other modalities to support profound transformations in people’s health.


My hope for Enter is that we can create a new way, where community, connection and self-empowerment are the antidote to resolving the inner tensions that so many people are afflicted by here in Scotland.


I truly believe that Scotland can lead the way by creating the world’s first holistic health service, Enter is the first step towards this greater vision I hold for making Scotland a beacon for health and healing.

Enter Headshots_3 MARCH 2024_Copyright 2

Pamela Docherty


As both a Pluralistic Psychotherapist and Women’s Retreat Facilitator, I am deeply driven by my passion to craft accessible, transformative experiences firmly grounded in principles of sovereignty, community, and compassion. Over the span of fifteen years, I have honed my skills in supporting individuals through their journeys of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing across diverse sectors, including the public, private, and third sectors.


My roles within the NHS, person-centered charity initiatives, the dynamic landscape of the entertainment industry, and educational realms has granted me an embodied understanding of the intricate challenges and barriers inherent in addressing wellness within our existing social and health systems.


This deep understanding, twinned with my personal journey of recovery from chronic physical health issues and trauma, has served as the catalyst for my development of a multi-modality approach. This approach reflects a deep-seated appreciation for the therapeutic potential inherent in embracing a holistic path towards healing

Enter Headshots_3 MARCH 2024_Copyright 2

Steve Davie

Trustee at Enter from East Lothian.

I reevaluated my life after suffering from stress and anxiety during the pandemic. I started wellbeing practices such as yoga, meditation, breathwork and cold-water therapy and saw the benefits these bring.


My focus is to give back to my community and when I heard about Enter, I knew this was the opportunity I had been looking for.


All Enter's trustees want to help the people of Scotland heal and we’ll do this through, support, guidance, and most importantly connection to ourselves and others. Let’s help Scotland, help itself!


If you would like to read my story you can purchase my book Imprfct all profits are going to Enter Holistic Healing.

Enter Headshots_3 MARCH 2024_Copyright 2

Ross Geddes


Becoming a new father and trying to keep a newly launched clothing brand a float during the pandemic was probably the tipping point that pushed me into a bit of a mental health battle. At this point i made a choice to try and seek out different methods out with the mainstream medical industry to help myself. I have felt 1st hand the huge benefits that holistic practices can have on your health and it has truly changed my life.


With this fresh perspective I could really see where we are going wrong with the current system in regards to treating our countries mental health conditions. The stats speak for themselves.


Last year I changed my clothing brand into a social enterprise with the profits of the brand going towards mental health initiatives. The dream is to grow my brand responsibly and for the profits to go to ENTER on an ongoing basis and for both of these entities to flourish within our country. If we can establish an holistic health service in Scotland and make the big difference here we can inspire people to do this anywhere.


Lets do this!

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Alison Fell


I am a passionate advocate for holistic health and wellness, driven by a deep-rooted belief in the power of holistic approaches to promote overall well-being. With a background in sound healing and holding space with cacao in women’s circles, I am joining Enter as a Trustee with the desire to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.


Having witnessed firsthand the transformative effects of holistic practices in my own life, I am committed to sharing my knowledge and expertise to empower individuals to take control of their health journey. I believe that by integrating mind, body, and spirit, individuals can achieve optimal health and vitality.

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