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A Pioneering Programme Helping The Financially Disadvantaged To Access Life-Changing Health Support

Introducing Enter – a pay-it-forward  programme that aims to transform mental and emotional health support in Scotland.


Introducing Enter – a pioneering pay-it-forward programme that aims to transform mental and emotional health support in Scotland. 


Chronic mental health problems and high rates of suicide continue to blight communities in Scotland, with 1 in 3 Scots likely to experience mental health problems in any one year. That means over 2 million people will likely experience difficulties with their mental health in 2024 – at a time when the current medical system has never been less equipped to support them with access to the right services.


Enter is about transforming access to support and the widespread introduction of natural healing modalities as the antidote to resolving Scotland's mental health epidemic. In Switzerland, they created a programme called Exit, which allows people to choose to end their own life with dignity. In Scotland, we have created Enter, which is an invitation to those struggling to receive a fresh start. A place where they will be treated with love, kindness and dignity on their healing journey.


We have the vision of creating a community where donations are made to make natural treatments available to those who need them most but unaware of the potential for these natural healing methods, such as healing diets, breathwork, meditation and sound healing, to create a significant shift in their health outcomes.

Enter is about building a community rich in connection where those who can, help those who can't. Your investment in Enter (via our charitable entity) is a powerful act of solidarity with your brothers and sisters in Scotland who need support but don't have the mean to access it.

Help Us Build Scotland's Holistic Health Service

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Join our wellness revolution unfolding here in Scotland.

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